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Bushwhacking is defined as to “clear a path through thick woods” and refers to leaving the established trail. Bushwhack Media was formed as a reaction to changing needs in the digital age. In the past, products and brands stuck to a reliable road to success. Nowadays, it’s critical for brands to leave that predictable road behind and forge a unique pathway that reflects the values of the company and it’s customers. Bushwhack founder and CEO Jim Marsh put it this way: “No matter what your brand, product or service, you’ll need to convey your Unique Value Proposition across marketing efforts. New media offers hundreds of ways to reflect a brand’s distinct personality and find customers with shared tastes and values.”
Prior to starting Bushwhack, Marsh spent 10 years as Publisher at Canoe & Kayak Magazine, and is the founding Publisher of both SUP and Kayak Fish.  He also spent time as Advertising Director at The Drake as well as Mountain Gazette Magazine.  His unique perspective on a wide variety of outdoor sports is bolstered by his personal passion for backpacking, kayaking, mountain biking, snowboarding and all things outside.  His extensive team of designers, web developers, photographers and videographers allows Bushwhack to deliver high quality work on a variety of platforms. 
Every brand can be amplified.  It’s just a matter of knowing how to crank things up. Let Bushwhack Media work alongside your marketing team and supplement their efforts in content development, social networking, web design, event management, advertising and customer relationship management.  Our wide array of solutions, tools, rules and technologies can turn your brand up to “11.”  Contact us today for a free consultation.